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Bethel churches are around the country and also outside.

Ndizeye Yves | Senior Pastor

Musirikare P. Celestin

Assistant Pastor

Kanyabutembo Wally


Bora Chantal


Bethel Kacyiru locating in Kigali City, Kacyiru sector, is a church renowned from its caring and fellowshipping spirit with an undiluted Word of God that leaves no one there present unchanged

Nzabahimana Manasse | Senior Pastor

Gatsimbanyi Patrick

Assistant Pastor

Mucyo Mulinzi


Safari Innocent


Bethel church Karangazi locating in the Eastern province anda daily growing church with a core purpose of positively affecting the lives in its neighborhood

Rwimo Clotilde | Senior Pastor

Rusagara Odette

Assistant Pastor

Ruzindana Ignace


Karamage Moustapha


Bethel church Nyamata is located in Bugesera District, around Nyamata city center and is an evident spiritually growing church. Besides, there some infrastructures and other development activities carrying out at the site, as the church ownsa large surface area. Therefore, from the continuous growing development factors of the country most especially of Nyamata city, it indicates thepromising playing role of the church in changing lives of citizens around

Gakumba Felix | Senior Pastor

Gatete Emmanuel

Assistant Pastor

Abagabe Josephine


Kampayana Fabien


Bethel church Gashora locates in Bugesera District,Gashora sector and one of the first borns of the Community of Bethel Churches in Rwanda (C.B.C.R).Along with the temple of holy gatherings, there are some ongoing projects that shall bring a remarkable change of the citizens around such as International Bible School, Modern Hospital and Guest House.

Musirikare P. Celestin | Senior Pastor

Tuyisenge J. Claude


Sendegeya Lambert


Bethel Church Batima

Kibibi Pascal | Senior Pastor

Kansiime Wilberforce


Nzabonikuza Vincent


Bethel Church Kasarani is located in Nairobi, Kenya and has been a remedy to many looking for a change. It is a church in which people from diverse languages,cultures and nations meet. Due to a pure and undiluted Gospel preached, the church gradually grows in spirit and number, moreover establishing a firm testimony in Nairobi.